6è – Task number 1

–> Copy and paste the two questions into an e-mail, find the answers and send them before next Thursday,  October 1st.

(copia i pega les dues preguntes en un correu electrònic, troba les respostes i envia-les abans del pròxim dijous 1 d’octubre).

1.- HOW DO YOU SAY IN ENGLISH…? (from Body Parts Vocabulary, part III) The words in green are EXTRA!

+ CANELL : _________                    + DIT POLZE: ___________

+ BARBETA: ___________             + PUNY: ___________

+ CELLES: ___________                 + AIXELLA: ___________

+ LLENGUA: ___________             + LLAVIS: ___________

+ TALÓ: ____________                   + PIT: ___________

+ AVANTBRAÇ: ____________      + CINTURA: ___________

2.- Complete the information about MICHAEL JORDAN (from October Sport’s Celebrity):

-MICHAEL JORDAN  was born on ______________. He is _______    years old.

-He was born in the city of ___________, in the country of ________.

-He is _______ tall, and weighs _________.

-He studied at ________________ High School, and went to the University of ____________________________________.

-He won____ NBA Championships and two _______________ Medals.

-In the year ____ he become the NBA Rookie of the Year.


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Pla Experimental de Llengües Estrangeres (anglès) a Cicle Superior
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